Thursday, 24 February 2011

lincoln tunnel accident

lincoln tunnel accident

More news on the accident that occurred in the Manhatten-bound center tube of the Lincoln Tunnel early this morning, has been revealed. The New York Fire Department claim two buses crashed into a motorbike in the tunnel. The Motorcycylist is apparently severely injured and had been taken to Bellevue Hospital in Manhatten.

He has received a fractured femur and shoulder, an NYFD spokesperson said. The crash victim was intubated at the hospital, the spokesperson added. A total of 52 people were injured in the incident. Some were treated at the scene, while 13 were taken to Roosevelt Hospital in New York. North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue Co-Director Jeff Welz spoke with Port Authority officials who estimated that the center tube will remain closed for a "good part of the day" as officials investigate the accident.

So a shocking accident and hopefully there were no extreme ramifications for the people injured in it.

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