Sunday, 13 March 2011

sister wives

sister wives

Tonight sees Kody Brown, the polygamist-turned-reality star appearing on TLC's show Sister Wives as season 2 of the programme begins. The show will go into detail on how the man who has 4 wives, Meri, 40, Janelle, 41, Christine, 38, and Robyn, 32, goes about his daily routine when he has a household with 4 wives and 16 children living in it.

"So, at the school, you have to fill out the emergency contact information," says Christine, with whom he has six kids, ranging in age from 15 years to 10 months. "I have always put Meri and Janelle on my kids contact forms but under relationship, I've left it blank." This year, she says she's going to call them what they are – the other moms – and see what happens.The entire Brown family moved from Utah to Las Vegas at the beginning of this year and continue living openly in their uniquely blended family of "plural marriage."

So a bizarre living arrangement is put under the microscope on the show tonight where it's revealed what it is like to live in.

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