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menotek flexible bluetooth waterproof mini keyboard

menotek flexible bluetooth waterproof mini keyboard

Menotek Flexible Bluetooth Waterproof Mini Keyboard For Apple iPad 3G and Wifi models 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and iPhone 4/4G, Windows, Mac, Linux

If you are looking for a snazzy and neat keyboard that offers the ability to give you more ease when typing on devices like an iPAD WIFI and 3G or mobile phone then this is just the keyboard for you. Keep your iPAD at bay and type away like you are on a PC.

The keyboard is even better when connected to the Menotek 16 Position Stand(ASIN B003K1VABO) or the Menotek Travel and Car USB Charger Kit (ASIN B003VCYX9I).

The charger kit will allow you to charge your keyboard with the USB Charging cable included with the keyboard without needing a computer.

Size: 11.5"X4.5"

How To Connect To iPad/iPhone4
-Turn on the bluetooth on the iPad/iPhone 4
-Turn on the power on the keyboard
-Press connect on the keyboard. The red star will start blinking. It keeps blinking until it is sync'd or times out
-Have the iPad/iPhone 4 search for bluetooth devices
-Select the keyboard after iPad/iPhone 4 finds it
-Then the iPad/iPhone 4 will give you a code to type on the bluetooth keyboard using the # keys on the keyboard and press ENTER. It should connect the 2 devices together

Amazon customer review: "I decided to take a chance on this since I've been looking for an inexpensive bluetooth keyboard for messaging on my PS3 (even though I wasn't sure if this would work with it).

The keyboard works flawlessly with my PS3 with no extra hoops to jump through or anything. Plus, it's small, easy to stow under my coffee table, and the keys are more responsive than expected for a flexible keyboard.

For people new to adding bluetooth devices to your PS3, here is a quick rundown of the procedure:

-Go to the "Accessories" option under the setting tab.
-Click on "Manage Bluetooth Devices," then "Add New Device."
-Hit "Scan for new devices" on your PS3, and then when the screen advances, press the "Connect" button on you keyboard (make sure it's turned ON :)
-You'll be prompted with a set of six numbers on your PS3 that you need to input on the keyboard to register it. Press them in order, followed by the "enter" key.
-TA DA! It's registered.

So long as you don't hit the "Connect" button on your keyboard again, you should be paired up with the PS3 for as long as you like. Simply flip the power switch on the keyboard and start typing and it will connect again automatically.

I'm loving everything about this product and am glad I took a chance in trying it over the other more expensive bluetooth options."

So an impressive peripheral for those want a smoother, more enjoyable experience when typing on the iPAD.

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