Sunday, 19 June 2011



Reports have emerged from Bolivia where police have discovered a 21 year old son who had been locked in a wooden box for 8 weeks, and put there by his own father. Johan Knelson was made to live in the nine feet by six feet box in the basement for allegedly robbing livestock, his father revealed and he also stated that his son was mentally ill.

"I went out, and when I came back they were angry with me here at home. Some people tied me up and put me in here, eight weeks ago," the 21-year-old told reporters. Knelson had to eat, sleep and go to the toilet inside the box according to reports. "I ate and slept here. I did everything here. I ate and drank water and washed here," he said. Santa Cruz police had to convince the Mennonite father to release his son from the box.

So a harrowing tale from South America and reportedly the family were punishing the son this way as they strictly followed teachings from the bible and shunned technology.

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