Sunday, 19 June 2011

amy winehouse

amy winehouse

Lately Amy Winehouse has been set free from rehab and had been given the all clear to venture out on her European tour but after last night's display in Serbia it seems that the exit from rehab was premature. The singer was booed as she performed or more, TRIED to perform in front of fans in Serbia.

Her display definitely gave the impression that she was under the influence as she hobbled around the stage and slurred her words to the dismay of onlookers. She also appeared a whole hour late which wouldn't have helped the mood of the crowd to begin with. During the show she sat down on one of the speakers ad fixed her shoes as one of her backing singers went to her to try and show support and helped her back to the microphone.

She missed cues, forgot words and tried to perform, oblivious to how bad she was being received by the audience. Not a night to remember!

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