Saturday, 18 June 2011

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney

The history of The Beatles may have been more extraordinary had they not disbanded but it's something we'll never know but it's come to light from a latest radio interview with Paul McCartney that John lennon was the reason behind the band parting ways for good. McCartney was being interviewed by radio host Geoff Lloyd on Absolute Radio this week.

The Beatles hung up their boots back in 1970 after the recording of "Let It Be" and the famous four played their last concert at Apple Records headquarters in London in 1969. McCartney talking of the event said: “Basically me, George [Harrison] and Ringo [Starr] said ‘Does this have to be final, could we do a couple of gigs or can we think about this tomorrow?’, but John was off with Yoko and he was saying ‘No, no, it’s great, I feel a release’ and all that.” “So that was kind of final,” McCartney added.

So certainly a stark message to anybody still in doubt over reason behind the demise of the band at the turn of the 1970's.

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