Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Sean Bean

Sean Bean

Sean Bean is used to playing characters whose main instinct is to go into battle, but the actor had to experience a real life battle on Sunday night when he was embroiled in a scrap and was subsequently stabbed in the arm during the fracar which happened at a London bar.

Witnesses told UK paper that the "Lord of the Rings"/"Game of Thrones" actor was with modern, April Summers and smoking outside a bar when a passerby made obscene comments towards her and then Bean in turn, chased the heccler down a street. The perpetrator returned to the scene later that evening, spied Bean and attacked him. It's reported he was punched in the face and then stabbed in the arm with broken glass.

Despite the attack, Bean opted not to go to the hospital and decided that a first aid kit was a suitable enough remedy. He then ordered another drink.

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