Saturday, 22 January 2011

anna chapman maxim photos

anna chapman maxim photos

Spy from Russia, Anna Chapman is hoping viewers will turn on a new Russian television show where she promises to deliver "secrets". However the secrets will not be on her years of experience working undercover in America but they are mysteries from around the world.

The director of documentary programs on the private network REN TV, said program of Chapman’s debut Friday night will focus on the scars and marks on the skin. A seductive slogan for the show quotes Chapman as saying: “I will discover all the secrets, if you have the courage.” Chapman stripped to lingerie in a photo shoot for the Russian edition of Maxim, on the cover of the November issue under “For Your Eyes Only." and a month earlier, she attended a Russian rocket launch in Kazakhstan where she put aside questions of a journalist.

So an interesting prospect in store for those wanting to know more about world mysteries that no one has been able to explain.

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