Saturday, 22 January 2011

keith olbermann fired

keith olbermann fired

MSNBC cable news personality Keith Olbermann was ousted from his position on the network yesterday and gives up his position of one of the most well known news personalities on either side of the political spectrum. Olbermann was reportedly in the midst of a 4 year $30 million deal which was to see him last until 2012.

However he announced on last night's edition of Countdown that it was his last. The dismissal is said to be at least indirectly related to Comcast's acquiring of NBC and the parent company's distaste for his defiance and attitude. Sources said network brass basically paid the pundit to scram by working out an agreement in which he would get lost and continue to be paid. He will have to stay off the air at least until fall as a result.

So a boot out of the blue for the well known reporter and what he endeavours to do next with his talents is to be seen.

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