Sunday, 9 January 2011

american renaissance

american renaissance

The organisation American Renaissance denies DHS charges and any affiliation with the suspected Arizona shooter, Jared Loughner, reports say. A DHS memo obtained by news corporation Fox news suggested a heavy suspicion linking Jared Loughner(pictured left), the man accused of being the Tuscan shooter who opened fire on Saturday to the organisation American Renaissance.

In an effort to counter those charges, the head of the organization responded directly to Fox News’ James Rosen on Sunday. Jared Taylor called DHS’ views “scurrilous” and took especial issue with the reference to his group being “anti-ZOG.” “That is complete nonsense,” he said. “I have absolutely no idea what DHS is talking about. We have never used the term ‘ZOG.’ We have never thought in those terms. If this is the level of research we are getting from DHS, then Heaven help us.”

So DHS appear to be under criticism from the organisation American Renaissance and whether their findings hold much weight is still to be seen.

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