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microsoft smartphone

microsoft smartphone

Professional Microsoft Smartphone Programming [Paperback]

The second-generation Smartphone devices are mainly deigned with the motive of taking advantage of mobility and unlimited wireless access and it's possibilities.
This book is designed to give you an in-depth analysis of software development issues and design guidelines

Also to assist you in getting the skills needed to develop your own efficient and feature-rich Smartphone applications that utilize the latest cutting-edge technologies. Complete with code and examples, the book first walks you through the Microsoft Smartphone platform from a software developer's perspective. It next uncovers the .NET Compact Framework as well as the Smartphone programming environment. You'll then find detailed information on Microsoft Smartphone-related application design and programming topics in the domains of the .NET Compact Framework (managed code). Plus, you'll explore advanced development topics such as security and performance considerations that you'll be able to incorporate into your own applications.

What you will learn from this book
* How to use the programming framework and classes available in Windows Mobile and Smartphone SDK
* The fundamentals of .NET Compact Framework 2.0
* Techniques for developing your own robust Smartphone applications
* Steps for customizing components and P/Invoke
* How to enhance data and communication security
* Ways to improve the performance of your applications
* Fundamental techniques for supporting world-ready applications

Amazon customer review:"If you need to develop smartphone applications, this book is a comprehensive guide that you must have. The book first gives introduction to Microsoft smartphone and .NET architecture, and then presents a lot of hands-on examples and projects on IDE, UI design, data storage and File I/O, networking, graphics, and so on. The book also has chapters specially devoted to debugging, security, and performance. Overall, the authors will guide you from beginning of smartphone programming to professional development in the book. I highly recommend this book."

So clearly an impressive guide to smartphone applications and should guide you through the essential areas that need to known with the device.

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