Tuesday, 11 January 2011

verizon iphone

verizon iphone

The Verizon iphone is finally upon us and this new gadget from Verizon makes it possible for users to have a CDMA alternative to the AT&T version which appeared in the summer of 2010. The Verizon version of iphone 4 has a few major differences to the AT&T version and the most significant is the antenna not having a visible gap on top and a lack of a SIM slot.

Ars contributor Chris Foresman reported that bridging the remaining gap on the Verizon iPhone (using the "death grip," he says) did not result in any kind of CDMA signal attenuation. He also placed a call while death gripping and said that there was no noticeable signal loss. Despite the wording used on Verizon's FAQ page, the WiFi hotspots are controlled via built-in preferences, not from a separate app loaded onto the device.

So another device from Verizon which is sure to garner some mass popularity from the public and see it fly off the shelves.

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