Thursday, 13 January 2011

peter fonda

peter fonda

Star of classic film "Easy Rider", Peter Fonda stumbled across a dead body whilst driving down Sunset Boulevard in the Pacific Palisades community of west Los Angeles on Wednesday, reports have emerged. 70 year old Fonda noticed that a car had been parked on the side street off Sunset Boulevard for two days.

So he stopped to check it out, according to Los Angeles Police Homicide Detective Allen Shubert. "He looked in the vehicle and saw a body in there and called the fire department," Shubert said. A man who had committed suicide several days before was slumped over the wheel of the sedan, he said. The man's identity has not been made public, but he was not a celebrity, he said.

So an unsavoury incident for the actor and here's hoping that relations of the man are able to cope with the situation as best as they possibly can.

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