Sunday, 6 March 2011

gretchen rossi

gretchen rossi

Gretchen Rossi, one of the housewives of OC, will see her TheDirty scandal pictures, and her blog on Tamra Barney will be seen again tonight before the debut of season six of the show as a recap. But many questions surrounding the new season will be left unanswered to fans as the new season unfolds.

First, will Gretchen Rossi’s scandal pictures be brought up Tamra and Vicky yet again in another season? Gretchen Rossi’s scandal pictures weren’t to come up in a previous season storyline. But Tamra and Vicky just couldn’t put the scandal to rest. Rossi told new in 2009 she had enough. “Like I said before, that was a different time and place and A LOT has transpired since then — including an apology to me.” Rossi told news previously that she hoped Tamra would end the bickering. Now two seasons later, Gretchen’s wishes haven’t been met.

So many mysteries will be resolved as the season begins and fans will be watching with anticipation for these resolutions.

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