Monday, 7 March 2011

mike destefano

mike destefano

 Sunday saw funny man Mike DeStefano die suddenly of a heart attack, Punchline Magazine reports. The Comedian finished in 4th place on the latest "Last Comic Standing" show and he was a HIV positive former heroin addict who regularly weaved those issues into his stand up act.

A friend of DeStefano's family confirmed the news to Punchline, and TV Guide reports that DeStefano's producer addressed the death on Twitter, writing, "We'll be talking about it later. Sorry if we've ignored the e-mails and text messages. Mike became a brother to us. We love him." DeStefano began his stand-up career at 31 while working as a drug counselor in Florida, according to the bio on his website. "He offered to entertain the audience at a convention, and following their positive response, he decided to start his career in stand-up."

So a tragic end to the life of the comedian and best wishes to his family and friends in the wake of the tragedy.

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