Thursday, 17 February 2011

the 5 browns

the 5 browns

Father of classical piano group "The 5 Browns" has just pledged guilty to sexually abusing his daughters when they in their childhood and now will have to go to prison for life. The trial was instigated when his daughters who are now 26, 30 and 32 went to the police after finding out their father was going to manage other child musicians.

55-year-old Keith Scott Brown was charged with one count of first-degree felony sodomy upon a child, and two counts of second-degree felony sexual abuse of a child. According to court documents, the abuse lasted sporadically from 1990-1998. Sentencing is scheduled for March -- and he faces anywhere between ten years to life in prison.

So a harrowing tale is hopefully going to find justice when the case reaches it's conclusion in the next month and Keith Scott Brown gets his sentence.

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