Monday, 14 February 2011

serene branson

serene branson

Reporter for CBS Los Angeles Serene Branson has been taken to hospital last night for tests after stumbling incomprehensibly over her speech on a Grammy's broadcast on the channel. On being introduced by the studio, Branson began "Well a very, very...", before mispronouncing "heavily". On trying to pronounce it again he was unable to say it then continued with unintelligible sounds.

It is feared that she may have suffered a stroke on air. Strokes can cause speech problems in different ways, either by interfering with the brain's ability to recognise and construct words, or by preventing the facial muscles from forming syllables correctly. About a third of stroke sufferers develop problems with communicating, although it is often posssible to reverse some of the damage.

So a sad mishap from the reporter and hopefully it is nothing serious that becomes of tests that are performed.

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