Wednesday, 16 February 2011

oj simpson beaten

oj simpson beaten

Sources from USA Today say a prison official claims that the National Equirer's report about O.J. Simpson being attacked has been fabricated and is "totally bogus". Steve Suwe is a public information officer for the Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada and refutes the claims in an interview with game on!

The National Enquirer reported on Tuesday that O.J. Simpson was attacked in the Nevada prison and beaten unconscious. The 63-year-old has reportedly been a "marked man" in prison "ever since white supremacists overheard him brag about his sexual conquests of beautiful white women." Simpson's former business partner, Bruce Fromong, told the paper: "Unfortunately for O.J., a group of young skinhead punks were within earshot - and they were enraged."

So sources now say that the story broke on Tuesday is now a fabrication and that there is no truth but the truth will be revealed sooner or later.

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