Sunday, 13 February 2011

did justin bieber cut his hair

did justin bieber cut his hair

Hordes of Justin Bieber fans today are fretting over the pop star allegedly balding himself on the Jimmy Kimmel live show. Biebers hairstyle is almost as iconic as he is and the sketch on Jimmy Kimmel would have been a nightmare scenario for hordes of teen girls who idolise the star.

The tween icon has been everywhere to promote "Never Say Never" lately. He has taken part in a lot of stunts along the way as he impersonated Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" and even won over the Church Lady on "Saturday Night Live" But the bald sketch on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" took the cake late Thursday night. When they returned from a commercial break, Kimmel appeared to be done shaving off his guest's famed hair. Yet while some fans who stayed up late might have panicked, others likely realized it was a gag.

So a pretty hilarious joke, IF YOU KNEW IT WAS ONE! and there was probably many pre teen hearts in mouths when it was a story that emerged.

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