Friday, 18 February 2011

migraine aura

migraine aura

Serene Branson, The reporter for CBS who seriously messed up her lines when reporting at the grammys has been diagnosed with not a stroke but a "migraine aura".
The previous diagnosis from doctors was a "complex migraine" but now according to reports in the LA times, the reporter experienced a migraine aura.

Symptoms for a migraine aura include visual, language and sensory problems. Branson said she suffered from blurred vision and numbness and tingling in her face and hands, two key symptoms of migraine aura according to Dr. Andrew Charles, director of UCLA's headache research and treatment program. The final set of symptoms is what audiences saw: dysphasic language dysfunction. Dr. Charles told the L.A. Times that DLD happens when the victim knows what she wants to say "but can't come up with the words."

So the real reason behind the reporter's bizarre turn has seemingly been revealed and will make more people aware of such an ailment occuring.

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