Tuesday, 8 February 2011

j. paul getty iii

j. paul getty iii

J. Paul Getty III has died today at the age of 54. He is the grandson of oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty and his son is an actor that has performed in many films including the project greenlight film feast alongside Clu Gulager. He earned the nickname the "golden hippy" due to his bohemian lifestyle, left wing views and long hair.

He reached the pop culture conscious when he was kidnapped in 1973 while in Rome. Many people believed it was a plot by Paul to get money from his grandfather. His grandfather refused the ransom demands until an ear showed up, the kidnappers claiming it belonged to J. Paul Getty III. Getty’s grandfather finally negotiated the ransom and paid $2.9 million. J. Paul Getty III was found and many of the kidnappers were arrested, although much of the ransom money was lost.

So the well known actor and name has passed away and has left behind a name that will be well renowned for some time to come.

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