Tuesday, 8 February 2011

prince kim kardashian

prince kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian froze in fear when Prince beckoned her to join him onstage on his Madison Square Garden concert on Monday night, then swiftly told her to leave when she didn't shake her booty to the music. The legendary pop star had been pulling audience members onstage all night and declared that Kardashian was "too sexy" before she sauntered onstage.

But when she finally came up, all she did was smile and clap her hands while he danced around her. Then he yelled, "Get off the stage," practically flinging her back down the stairs. But apparently he brought her back to redeem herself later that night while he played piano. Once upon a time there was a half-Armenian, booty-licious reality star who dreamed of meeting a famous prince. Then one day, her dream came true. "About to start getting ready for the Prince concert!!!! I am soooo excited!!!!!!" she told a little social-networking bird.

So a somewhat amusing turn of events at the Prince concert for the socialite and not the reaction she was looking for from the pop icon.

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