Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Valentines day 2011

Valentines day 2011

So Valentine's day is imminent and we've all been considering what to get our loved ones. It's almost a no brainer what men choose to buy for their lover, usually flowers, chocolate and maybe a balloon or stuffed toy. Getting a gift for a man is a lot more mentally trying.

Some ideas for the man in your life could be: 5lb Gummy bears; which will make him want to relive his youth with candy alongside candy such as chocolate covered fortune cookie, with your own personalized message; chocolate covered strawberries(pictured left),gift baskets full of different sorts of candy treats; if he's a football fan you could get him a a special NFL or soccer team dispenser with his favourite team on. If he's not really a candy/chocolate fan you could buy him a set of whiskey stones which cool down a whiskey without watering it down which ice cubes do.

So certainly plenty more ideas that could be taken from these few and hopefully you can find something really fitting for your man this valentines.

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