Monday, 7 February 2011

joan rivers go daddy

joan rivers go daddy

You're probably aware now of the tv advert from yesterday during the super bowl which presents famous comedienne Joan Rivers as the .co girl. Of course that digital magic that gave her that body, however many people were misled by the body shots Go Daddy presented before the commercial aired.

So who does that body belong to? It’s Tabitha Taylor, who starred in 2009′s most watched Super Bowl commercial (according to Tivo). In the “Enhancement” commercial she wears the green dress. At the end of the commercial she starts to show off her “enhancement” before the commercial urges viewers to see more at The Enhancement ad also has cameos from Go Daddy founder Bob Parsons (who sat to the right of the panel) as well as Christine Jones, Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary (who sat next to Danica Patrick).

So an amusing alteration to the famous comedienne and the transformation was so lifelike people were actually questioning whether it was real or not.

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