Monday, 7 February 2011

superbowl commercials

superbowl commercials

This year's series of Super Bowl commercials saw a glut of somewhat violent displays inculding Roseanne getting knocked over by a log for snickers and grizzly bears smashing a car up for McDonald's. poisoned a guy, body-scrambled another and shot a cowboy full of arrows.

Pepsi had two separate commercials that ended with the same punchline: Someone being hit in the face by a full can of Pepsi Max. (A possible tagline could be, “Pepsi Max: Tasty and Concussive!”) Also, House threw his cane at an adorable child, a pug dog smashed through a door for Doritos, and that terrifying green android apparently stole someone’s thumbs. Companies have to worry about people not paying attention or flipping over to the Puppy Bowl, and the fastest way to get people’s attention is (apparently) to throw a can of Pepsi in someone’s face.

So it appears companies this year are being far more aggressive LITERALLY, with their mode of commercial and it certainly would have grabbed peoples attention.

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