Friday, 24 December 2010

aton impulse viking

aton impulse viking

If you are looking for a car to help you combat anything the winter weather has to throw at you, then the answer to your prayers is the Aton Impulse Viking. It is the one and only amphibious off-road vehicle in the world to have made it through certification to meet UNECE regulations.

You can enjoy unrestricted on road use through a Vehicle Type Approval Certificate with the Viking.

If you are living in Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Greenland, The Faroe, Islands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, or Russia, this vehicle represents the perfect solution for challenging traffic conditions due to adverse weather. In extreme weather conditions, specially modified vehicles with extra large wheels have been able to replace the standard tracked vehicles. Taking up to seven passengers with ease, the Viking powered by a mid mounted VAZ 1.8 liter, 82 HP four cylinder. On the road is manages an easy 37 mph. Equipped with an on board jet pump, it manages over 6mph on water.

So a very impressive winter vehicle which helps you get from A to B with ease with it's tough and efficient functions.

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