Thursday, 23 December 2010

norad santa tracker

norad santa tracker

The 2010 Santa Tracker service has been reignited from the North American Aerospace Defense Command. In 1955, the agency that evolved to become NORAD began keeping track of the travels taken by Santa Claus. This came from a Sears department store which misprinted a phone number which implied that kids could "talk to Santa" on christmas eve.

Kids instead got sent to the Continental Air Defense office, who gave them the “current location” of Santa.

You can call the 2010 NORAD Santa tracker team to get Santa’s current location by dialing 1-877-446-6723. The Santa Tracker team also answers any e-mails sent to The Twitter account, @noradsanta also tracks Santa’s location. You can also use Google Earth as a Santa Tracker. This year, using Google Maps Mobile, NORAD Santa Tracker can deliver Santa’s current location to directly to any cell phone. Just visit or visit Google Maps Mobile and search for “Santa.”

The santa tracker is also available through online services like Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and NORAD will also track the amount of cookies Santa eats during his long night of travels.

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