Sunday, 19 December 2010

katt williams

katt williams

Comedian Katt Williams has to fork out $577,929 bucks as a penalty because reportedly, he tried to scare record producer, Merion Joseph Powers with it by going to his studio in order to viciously attack Power's dog. Williams' attack dog proceeded to assault Power's dog by giving him "substantial and nearly life-threatening injuries'.

But that wasn't the only time it happened. Powers and Williams met at a hotel to talk about what had happened and according to Powers, Williams used his bodyguards and dogs to intimidate him into not pressing charges.

But what caused Katt to do this? According to Powers, he claims Williams refused to settle his $28,000 bill at a studio in Atlanta, thus is why he did those mean things.

So comedian, Williams is feeling the strong arm of the law as a result for using his pet to damage and intimidate Merion Joesph Powers. Hopefully he learns from this.

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