Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Kristi Gibson

Kristi Gibson

Last night saw reality TV star and singer of 80's rock band Poison, Brett Michaels, propose to his long time girlfriend, Kristi Gibson, and he did it on the final show of his reality tv show. When Brett was asked about how he felt about being engaged he said that "it feels awesome!"

Gibson, who turns 40 on Christmas, said this is the best birthday and Christmas present she could ever receive, and commented about her relationship with Michaels through all of the ups and downs they’ve been through this year.

“I’ve been through everything with him,” Gibson told People. “A ring and a paper wouldn’t make me love him more. I’m just happy he’s alive.”

So it looks like free spirited rocker Brett Michaels CAN settle down. A date for the forthcoming wedding is unknown.

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