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half jackets

half jackets

Oakley Men's Half Jacket Iridium Sunglasses

Take to any light condition and alteration with ease with the dual-lens Oakley Half Jacket Iridium Sunglasses. With flexible, changable lenses, these sunglasses resemble the characteristics of a chameleon and allow you to switch to a new set of lenses to combat the current light state and/or to alter your style.

The glasses are equipped with interchangeable Unobtainium earsocks, nose pads, and grip anchors to insure a comfortable secure fit. Each lens option has a distinctive Iridium coating and tint that reflects glare, heightens contrast, and provides 100 percent protection against UV and harmful blue light, making the glasses ideal for snow, water, and road sports. In addition, the open-edge design extends your vertical field of vision and each set of optional lenses retains the peripheral clarity of XYZ Optics.


* Oakley O Matter frame material
* Plutonite lens material
* Passes ANSI Industrial Standard Z87.1 for optical clarity, high mass, and high velocity impact
* Iridium coatings and lens tints
* Interchangeable lens options available
* Three-point fit
* Metal icon
* Interchangeable Unobtainium nose pads and earsocks
* 100 percent UV and blue light protection

Amazon customer review: "I ordered these pair of glasses because my half jacket silver with iridium lenses (silver frame with light blue lenses) is showing its age. I got a whisker type Oakley as a gift last Christmas but feel that I enjoy the plastic versions better. I got them from the mail today and so extremely satisfied with it. I picked the rootbeer color with same color frame and gold emblem. It fits my face perfectly and I like the new color. The lenses are great but I'm still getting used to the rootbeer lens color. I'm asian and these glasses are snug, they really hug my face and they are very light. You really have to pick the style that fits your face in order to really be satisfied with the Oakley glasses. So far I have 4 Oakleys including a frame for my prescription glasses.

I was a Ray Ban guy but I like Oakleys better. Great quality glasses, would buy again."

So some very stylish and multi-functional sunglasses which is sure to meet the needs of anybody going out travelling and wanting their eyes adapted and to the suns rays.

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