Sunday, 23 January 2011

hyperbaric chamber

hyperbaric chamber

On Wednesday, Environmental Tectonics Corp. declared that it has named Steve Wood president of its Biomedical Division, which manufactures and sells the BaraMed line of clinical hyperbaric chambers. The Southampton, Pa., company said Wood has been involved with hyperbaric medicine for more than 25 years.

He began his career as a respiratory therapist in 1972 and has been involved with hyperbaric medicine for a quarter of a century as a clinician and with the development of hyperbaric medicine facilities and the manufacturing of hyperbaric chambers. Hyperbaric medicine involves treating a person with 100 percent oxygen at a pressure greater than the normal pressure of the atmosphere by putting the person inside a hyperbaric chamber. Among other things, it’s used to treat decompression illness and carbon monoxide intoxication.

So good news for expert in the Hyperbaric field, Steve Wood and here's hoping there's more great developments in this field of medicine.

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