Sunday, 23 January 2011

ohio unemployment

ohio unemployment

Ohio's unemployment figures were chalked up at the end of the year as a 9th year in a row where the rates of people being employed has fallen, and a fall in payroll numbers was put in the shade by a bigger drop in people searching for employment. The state Department of Job and Family Services on Friday declared that Ohio’s jobless rate hit a seasonally adjusted 9.6 percent in December.

That’s down from 9.8 percent in November and more than a percentage point below the 10.8 percent jobless rate seen a year ago. Over the month, nonfarm payroll dropped by more than 9,000 jobs to hit 5 million workers. That’s largely on a 7,300-job decline in Ohio’s goods-producing sector, which saw declines in construction and manufacturing. The much-larger service sector only lost 1,300 jobs over the month.

So lean times in the Ohio area continue to worsen and the state will be hoping there are areas which can help tackle the bleak state.

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