Sunday, 23 January 2011

mean girls 2

mean girls 2

The sequel to the groundbreaking smash hit film "Mean Girls" is about to hit us. Will it be a storm of pop culture goodness like the first film? It's yet to be seen.
Writer Tina Fey was transitioning from that woman on "Saturday Night Live" to the icon she is today, and star Lindsay Lohan was riding a wave of "It" girl status that has since went up in smoke.

It can certainly never be duplicated. But that's not going to stop anyone from trying. ABC Family airs the long-delayed sequel, "Mean Girls 2," on Jan. 23, no doubt hoping that its predecessor's box office success and cult status will translate to the made-for-TV arena. That's impossible. "2," for all it's teen cattiness and unrealistically dressed high school students, cannot transcend guilty pleasure territory.

So there will surely be a wave of fans eagerly awaiting the sequel to one of the noughties biggest films and whether it's a patch on the first is to be seen.

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