Friday, 28 January 2011

stormi henley

stormi henley

A beauty queen decided to take part in the Nashville auditions of "American Idol" on Thursday night. She is a former Miss Teen USA, has supermodel good looks and her name is Stormi. Whilst Stormi Henley said she wasn't required to display any “talent” in the Miss Teen USA competition, she actually was kind of talented.

“You’ve got a beautiful, tight, squeaky little voice,” Steven Tyler said. But J-Lo suspected that the guys were a little bit … distracted. “I think you’re gorgeous … the voice isn’t strong enough for me. I’m gonna say no,” she weighed in. However, Randy got the deciding vote … and earned a big “thank you” from America’s heterosexual males. “Seriously you two?” said J-Lo, getting a little perturbed. “That might be the smallest voice we’ve ever heard in five cities.”

So a dazzling appearance from the former Miss Teen USA and a possible display of jealousy from judge on show Jennifer Lopez whilst all other judges approved.

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