Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Richard Keys Apologises

Richard Keys Apologises on TalkSport

Richard Keys took to the radio today on Talksport, to voice his apologies regarding the furoure regarding his and sacked co presenter, Andy Gray's sexist remarks which had been caught on tape regarding female line assistant Sian Massey at the weekend. He went on blamed "dark forces at work" for escalating the Sky Sports sexism row, which has led to the dismissal of his former partner Andy Gray and put his own job on the line.

"We were wrong. It was wrong. It shouldn't have happened, but there are some dark forces at work here," said an emotional Keys on Talksport. "From something that was controllable, I have found the reaction to be extraordinary. I cannot believe the frenzy that's blown up. If I had been able to get out the fact that I'd apologised on Sunday I don't think it would have been as frenzied as it has been."

So whether Richard Keys survives the furoure regarding this issue is yet to be seen. Andy Gray has since commented that he will possible sue sky over his dismissal.

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