Saturday, 29 January 2011

Justin Bieber Dead

Justin Bieber Dead

Is Justin Bieber Dead? No, just yet ANOTHER internet hoax garnered to attract attention, just the latest celebrity rumors spread online. It's believed someone a week ago on Twitter posted the comment "RIP Bieber" and it spread like the pleague across the site and now throughout the internet.

It was recently reported on Twitter that the Canadian singer was hit by a truck driver in New York several times and was killed shortly after. Fans of Justin Bieber go bezerk after learning about their star killed or died. They immediately send roses on the social networking site, Twitter expressing their loss to Justin Bieber. One fan has even posted on Twitter, saying: “Holy Crap, Justin Bieber is really dead?” On the one hand, his girlfriend Disney, Selena Gomez has also started receiving death threats from fans on Twitter Justin Bieber after being reported dating the singer “Baby”.

So another hoax stoked up by somebody. Possibly from someone who hates him and wishes he was dead! Just a thought..

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