Monday, 24 January 2011

steve harvey

steve harvey

The ex wife of Steve Harvey(pictured left), Mary Harvey, has released her tell all book to the public called “ Do I have to think like a man?”. The book has been released in response to his popular title “Think like a man.” Mary Harveys book reveals his infidelity, lies and cold demeanour and the story behind the divorce which left her poor and without her son.

Mary takes to YouTube to explain her side of the story. Through her video she describes how quickly Steve moved, leaving her to find explicit emails of his extramarital affair. She says he walked out the door and left her with virtually nothing. He left her and moved to New York to an apartment he never let her see where he joined his mistress, Marjorie. The worst part she explains, she never got an apology.

So a fascinating and very public issue revealed on the youtube website and certainly will get attention from many people because of it.

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