Sunday, 30 January 2011

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash

The 2011 WWE wrestling Royal Rumble is preparing to be spiced up tonight as Dave Meltzer reports that Kevin Nash and Booker T will be in the Wrestling event and likely mystery entrants. With them signing up to WWE it means that TNA Wrestlings schedule to include them in their roster will be killed off.

The former WWE champions were scheduled to return to TNA on Monday as part of the “They” angle that has been building on TNA Impact. Nash and T were scheduled to reunite the Main Event Mafia with Kurt Angle and Sting and defend TNA’s honor. There is nothing coincidental about the signing of two key players a few days before the start of a major angle in TNA and this is nothing more than reminder that if you want to play with the big boys, you better have all of your guys under contract before you count on them for an angle.

So as always with the royal rumble every year there are faces from the past that will be appearing. This time Nash and Booker T.

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