Friday, 4 February 2011

Wimbledon Matches

Wimbledon Matches

Wimbledon Classic Match: Federer vs Sampras

Roger Federer is in many ways very similar to the man he took over the tennis reign from in the 2000s. In this fourth round match of 2001 the swiss tennis legend puts in an immortal performance to see off his former idol, Sampras. Sampras held a set point in the tiebreaker and then Federer cancelled it out with a service winner.

Sampras then lost the set four points later when he dumped an easy backhand into the net, and the battle was on.

Sampras played his best tennis in the final two sets, smashing serves at up to 136 mph and looking like the champion of old at the net. Serving in the final game, he misplayed two volleys and fell behind 15-40. Federer then played a superb return winner - something he had done repeatedly over the previous 3 1/2 hours - and fell to his knees with glee before keeling over onto the turf.

The usually composed player could no longer hide his emotions and broke down with tears of joy.

Amazon Customer Review: "** This match has NO Commercials and the coverage continues during the changeovers. Kinda cool to watch what they are doing when the camera on TV normally cut away.

** I watched this DVD on my iMAC - the quality of the video was excellent

** The DVD is divided up (logically) by set. Each set was around 40-50 minutes - the whole match was too long for me to watch at once but I just watched a set each night. Since I was playing tennis some days in between, it was cool to be inspired by the match

who are the announcers anyway?? One is American by the way - Pat McEnroe?? I saw John McEnroe and Ted Robinson in the background doing the commentary and kinda wished they were announcing here....but the two we heard we very good.

Definitely worth it."

A really vintage match of modern times with two of the titans of the game locking horns for a truly epic sporting clash.

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