Sunday, 30 January 2011

wwe royal rumble 2011

wwe royal rumble 2011

It's not long now before the 2011 royal rumble kicks off and this year's event is different from the older ones as 40 members will take part. Last year at the 2010 event, Edge and John Cena were the 2 final men left in the ring and Edge managed to spear his opponent and remove him from the ring and become the winner.

Now this time many superstars are new, I mean who are participating first time in their carrier, who is participating like The Nexus and The Corre. Anyway everyone is very waiting for start of event.The Royal Rumble 2011 is scheduled to be held on this Sunday, January 30, 2011, starting at 8PM EST on Pay-Per-View which will have a live stream. The event will take place in Boston, MA. The main event just takes place to have a few ties to Oklahoma also, in the form of Royal Rumble contestant Jack Swagger and former commentator, Jim Ross.

So an eagerly anticipated event tonight for wrestling fans and the winner of the match earns a place in the main event at Wrestlemania this summer where he plays the world champion for the world championship belt.

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