Wednesday, 2 February 2011

cctv china

cctv china

China's government run television outlet named CCTV have come into heavy criticism for taking footage from the film "Top Gun" in a TV report relating to the country's fighter jet planes and clearly thought the report needed more spice that only the classic Tom Cruise film could satisfy.

The segment, covering the People's Liberation Army's Air Force, included footage of the J-10 fighter jet soaring through the clouds. In one spot, a J-10 fires off a missile, and CCTV then shows an exploding jet from Top Gun. Smartly, it doesn't leave in the next scene where Tom Cruise celebrates. State-run Chinese media outlets have been criticized in the past for inappropriate use of intellectual property, and quite obviously it's just happened again. In this day and age, I think it'd be pretty tough to convince anyone that the explosion shown on CCTV was real.

So a somewhat funny turn of events from the Chinese TV company and they will surely think twice about repeating the actions.

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