Friday, 4 February 2011

cable tv out

cable tv out

eXtreme AV Composite Cable TV Out For Apple iPod 5G/Video/Photo

The iPod AV Cable connects to the headphone port of a ipod video or idpod photo. Ideal for viewing slideshows from the od video or ipod photo wherever you want to take it. Get more options and satisfaction from your new ipod with this cable which makes it possible for you to power your ipod through your home stereo/TV.

Connect iPod to your Television set with the iPod AV Cable, gather up your friends, and watch slideshows together on the big screen. You can also hook the AV Cable to your Stereo or Powered Speakers for a room-filling audio experience. The AV Cable connects to the headphone port of the iPod or the line-out port on the iPod Universal Dock. The iPod AV Cable provides composite video and audio output for viewing photo slideshows with music on a TV. Compatible with iPod with color display. This cable is made specifically for iPod with color display (other AV cables are not compatible with iPod with color display).

Amazon customer review: "In trying to come up with a killer mix of video and music for a portable entertainment system the iPod is, until this cable came along, I was forced to take a dock and other assorted cables with me. Most hotel rooms I stay in have the video jacks on the front of the TV, so it's a simple matter of plugging in and watching my many hours of reality TV shows on my iPod.

This cable makes life much easier."

So clearly a very practical and interesting peripheral which helps you get more out of your ipod.

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