Tuesday, 1 February 2011

dfw airport

dfw airport

Harsh weather conditions have resulted in the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport having to announce that as of 6:30am this morning that it has completely shut down, except for air travelers who were in the airport. The Dallas Love Field is still up and open tho.

There’s no word yet on when DFW will be re-opened but they hope to have the airport re-opened by 7-8 am, according to Airport representative David Magana. Runways and terminals are iced over and, although crews were treating those areas with de-icing agents, Magana said high winds and other factors prevented the airport from continuing to de-ice planes. Before it shut down, hundreds of cancelations had already been issued. The Associated Press reports "DFW Airport spokesman David Magana says one runway has reopened after the temporary closure .. and crews are working to clear the ice from others."

So brutal weather has forced the the eighth largest airport in the world to close and they will be hoping they can re-open as soon as possible.

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