Monday, 28 February 2011

kirk douglas oscars

kirk douglas oscars

Last night veteran actor Kirk Douglas found himself upstaging the actual hosts of the oscars ceremony which were Anne Hathaway and James Franco with an entertaining display that showed up Hathaway and Franco who were the youngest hosts in Oscars history.

After quipping that he wished actresses were as beautiful in his heyday as Hathaway -- to this, she fanned herself and feigned feeling faint -- the "Spartacus" star grabbed the best supporting actress envelope and said, "Now, the most important part..." As the nominees waited awkwardly with bated breath, Douglas responded by stuffing the envelope in his mouth and proceeding to fight over his cane with a strapping young man who was on the stage to help him get around. "I always lose," he said as the taller man finally wrestled the cane away from him.

So an amusing display from the veteran actor who is 94 years old and was able to put a spark into the event with his antics.

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