Tuesday, 1 March 2011

charlie sheen twitter

charlie sheen twitter

Charlie Sheen has decided to join the world of Twitter on Tuesday offering a new portal into the hectic mind of the sacked sitcom star. He has described himself on his bio as "an unemployed winner" and collected 300,000 followers in the space of a few hours on the network site.

"Winning! Choose your Vice," he wrote in his first and only message to date. Sheen has been so ubiquitous on the talk show circuit in recent days that his former network boss lamented that he wished the actor could have worked as hard to promote himself for an Emmy award. The actor has plenty of time on his hands following the cancellation of his top-rated sitcom "Two and a Half Men." CBS and producer Warner Bros pulled the plug on the show for the rest of the season last week after Sheen launched several expletive-filled rants against the show's creator.

So a new medium to follow the thoughts of star Charlie Sheen and his new moves following his swift exit from his hit show.

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