Tuesday, 1 March 2011

piers morgan charlie sheen

piers morgan charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen has reacted to the abrupt cancelling of his hit show by telling his story to every TV show that wants to air his feelings on it. His latest appearance is on "Piers Morgan Tonight" where he was found to be more level headed about the situation than on previous interviews and expressed his feelings eloquently.

As Sheen described it, he was never fully comfortable on the show. "I never cost the production or the show or the studio or the network any money, as far as missing a show or missing a day that was a money day," he said. The bottom line, as far as Sheen is concerned, is that what he did in his personal life never impacted the show. "And [yet] every Friday night it turned into the big executive [meetings] in the corner. Hush-hush dialogue -- whisper dialogue -- about my condition. It was a really hard situation to work in."

So another high profile interview from the star of the "Two and a Half Men" show and one which will get his opinions of the situation across to more people.

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