Thursday, 4 November 2010

adwords training

adwords training

The Google AdWords Training Workshop DVD

This DVD has all you need to know when needing to know all that adwords has to offer for you when wanting to advertise your business on the world's favourite search engine. Suited for beginner - intermediate types, this double DVD workshop shows do it yourself advertisers how to make a successful Adwords search markenting campaign.

It has over 3 hours of easy to follow instruction, examples, checklists and control panel screen captures recorded live on the internet. You'll see it all, starting with why you should consider advertising with AdWords and how to place your first ad, through to conversion tracking and performance analysis.

Along the way, you'll discover insider tips on how to optimize your results with campaign objectives, audience targeting, keyword research, ad copy tweaks, bid strategy and a lot more besides.

You'll be amazed at how easy it is for small-medium sized business owners the world over to tap the increasingly important Google search market and partner network.

The Keyword Marketer's Google AdWords Training Workshop shows you:

+ How to set campaign objectives and identify key performance indicators
+ How to design your campaign structure
+ How to understand Google Quality Scores and their pivotal role in ad positioning
+ How Quality Score determines your minimum cost per click
+ How to set up your account and create your first ad
+ How to navigate the AdWords control panel and maintain your campaigns
+ How to customize ad display and distribution settings
+ The pros and cons of distribution on partner sites
+ How to specify regional and city targeting
+ The #1 way to capitalize on local targeting
+ The special characteristics of Local Business Ads for Google Maps
+ The 4 keyword matching options - how and when to use them
+ Tips and tools for developing a great keyword list
+ How to write an effective ad
+ How to avoid the biggest mistake when testing ad copy variations
+ How to run A/B landing page split run tests the easy way
+ 7 ways to optimize landing page conversion rates
+ How to calculate your maximum click bid and break even point
+ How to set a campaign budget
+ How to customize ad delivery with scheduling
+ How to optimize Quality Scores
+ How to manage bids and bid strategy
+ How to track conversion results
+ How to set up reporting and carry out performance analysis
+ How to manage by return on investment (ROI) criteria
+ What you need to know about click fraud

In addition to the DVD, your purchase also includes exclusive access to several proprietary software tools referenced during the workshop:

+ BudgetMate - calculate cost per order target, maximum bid, and campaign goals.
+ CouponMate - create instant web coupons for tracking web-2-store conversions.
+ PhraseMate - keyword phrase generator.

If you are considering using adwords or are already capitalising on the rewards the system has, this DVD will give you the full insight on how to get the best out of it for your business.

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