Wednesday, 3 November 2010

mobile convergence

mobile convergence

A Practical Guide to the Business and Technology of Fixed Mobile Convergence

This book fully details how to bring together fixed, mobile, wireless and wireless networks into a joint environment which makes a uniform converged communication experience possible. The book has been compiled by telecommunications experts and you will learn how to create FMC-based networks, services, and solutions; support advanced technologies such as Voice over Wi-Fi; and converge them with legacy networks.

You'll also discover how to develop a phased strategy for effective rollout of FMC multi-mode devices and services, with reliable security and quality of service. The book includes details on integrating next-generation technologies such as near field communication, Bluetooth PAN, WiMax, presence, and unified messaging to create a seamless mobility ecosystem.

Seamlessly converge fixed, mobile, wireless, and wireline networks
* Understand the "Four Cs" of FMC-cost, coverage, capacity, and convenience
* Understand the technology behind FMC components: fixed, mobile, and convergence
* Overcome converged network deployment and proliferation barriers
* Conform to IETF, 3GPP, and other relevant standards for FMC
* Offer uniform access-independent voice, data, instant communications, and unified messaging services across legacy fixed and mobile networks
* Design and launch scalable FMC solutions using IMS, UMA/GAN, femtocells, VoWi-Fi, VCC, and other enablers
Add LBS, presence, M-to-M, and other advanced services

Amazon customer review: "Well written. Excellent organization of material.
The writers appear to be masters of the subject."

An ideal piece of writing for business or for personal use and certainly an in depth look at the whole complex process of mobile convergence explained in simpler terms.

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