Wednesday, 3 November 2010



American president Barack Obama stated that voters gave him a "shellacking" in yesterday's elections and said the reason was because they want both the democrats and republicans to work together. Minority leaders John Boehner and Mitch McConnell said today in a news conference that they hope Obama and congressional democrats meet the call from voters to find solutions to national debt and unemployment in a bipartisan method.

Obama, at a White House press conference shortly afterward, said he heard the voice of “frustrated” voters unhappy about high unemployment, slow economic growth and concerned about government “overreach” into their lives. “What I think the American people are expecting and what we owe them is to focus on those issues that affect their jobs, their security and their future,” Obama said. “I’ve been willing to compromise in the past, and I’m going to be willing to compromise going forward, on a whole range of issues.”

These results from yesterday see the Republicans biggest hold of power in the house since 1938 and will sure to alarm democrats across the United States.

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