Thursday, 4 November 2010

tv bracket wall

tv bracket wall

FLAT Panel Plasma LCD TV Bracket Wall Mount Fits Samsung 36" 37" 38" 40" 42" 46" 47" 48" 50" 52" Television

If you're looking for a bracket to help mount your TV onto your wall you won't go far wrong getting this bracket. It has a lot of versatility regarding how far you want the TV extended from the wall and is able to support a wide array of different plasma and LCD flat screen TVs with its strong, dual arm design.

Is this the mount for me? * Do you prefer the look and feel of the dual arm design, and appreciate its incredible sturdiness? Product Features * Continuous angle adjustment with glossy, black knobs. * Security locking mechanism to prevent the TV from unlatching from wall. Will this mount fit my flat screen? * This mount works with 99% of flat screen TVs on the market. For 100% certainty, however, please refer to the Compatibility Checklist below. Compatibility Checklist * Mounting holes on television should be less than 680mm apart horizontally and 460mm vertically.

Amazon customer review: "I was all ready to buy a wall mount almost identical to this one for $200 from another venue. I'm extremely happy I found this one. I have a 52" Samsung 7 series that weighs about 80 lbs hanging on it. This mount looks and feels secure. It moves well, and has a wide range of movement. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone."

So if you want a reliable bracket which will place your TV where you want it on your wall it'd be a good idea to purchase this item.

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